Alloya Update (current issue)

Alloya’s Monthly Newsletter highlights a variety of things to help keep members up-to-date and informed regarding what is going on at Alloya.

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Daily Market Commentary (current issue)

Produced in partnership with Balance Sheet Solutions, LLC, wholly owned by Alloya Corporate.

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Weekly Relative Value (current issue)

This analysis of the financial markets and economy, released each Monday, includes portfolio strategies and guidance.

Author Tom Slefinger, Senior Director of Trading, Balance Sheet Solutions, LLC*, has over 30 years of fixed income portfolio management experience, and has developed and successfully managed various high-profile domestic and global fixed income mutual funds.

*Balance Sheet Solutions, LLC, provides a wide range of services to credit unions nationwide. Broker-dealer services include marketable securities through ISI, member FINRA/SIPC, and brokered CDs. Full investment advisory services are offered (SEC registered investment advisor). Other services include IRR Modeling & Consulting, ALM, Benchmarking, and Portfolio Analytics. Learn more at


Economic Update (current issue)

Prepared for credit union leaders, this insight may be very beneficial to your credit union's ALCO. The publication includes an economic review and a selection of releases, reports and statistics.

Author Andrew Kohl, CFA, is Vice President, Corporate Investment and Funding Officer, Alloya Corporate. He is responsible for pricing and managing the term and structured certificate books.

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